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Animal Sound Labs is a small company from Wroclaw in Poland in the European Union.

We have
technical and professional preparation (Electronics / Acoustics studies on Wroclaw University of Technology) but also many years of experience.
At first only on the repair and modification of various electronic equipment, and later also in creating our own constructions needed in the daily work of scientists and people conducting observations or research.

At the beginning of 2010, a few ideas were born for the devices that were to be used for science research for the University of Wrocław and for the company Ansee Consulting from Wroclaw leading management of environmental projects. They have been implemented, tested in the field and adapted to work in accordance with the collected experiences.

At the end of 2010, we participated in the Business Idea” contest, organized annually by the Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer at Wroclaw University of Technology and after the first stage of the competition we received a one of the two (ex aequo) first prizes of the President of Wroclaw for the most innovative idea.

In March 2011 Animal Sound Labs company was founded and registered in Poland as an independent business, still being in dynamic development. Blazed a trail of commercial production pf the first polish ultrasonic detector LunaBat DFD-1, and later also other more advanced devices and established cooperation and exchange of experiences with scientists and people professionally involved in environmental projects, so we can adjust the offer to current and individual needs, which allows us to have aspirations and ambitions to compete with the best in the industry not only in Poland, but also around the world.



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