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Recent news:

Because  Belarus behaves hostile towards Poland – we will not provide any goods and services to Belarus. 

We are on temporary break in business activity (duvet days & vacation) until August 25. Contact is possible only by e-mail or via the contact form. Orders can be placed but realisation will be after August 25. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We invite you to the XXIX National Chiropterological Conference taking place on September 16-18, 2022 in Poznań – LINK.

Since Russian military invasion of Ukraine – we will not sell any goods or provide any services to Russia anymore. 

Temporary business activity break until 26th of December 2021 due to convalenscence leave after Covid-19 treatment. Meanwhile the orders can be sent via e-mail. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Our detector LunaBat DFR-1 PRO has been very positively assessed by the well-known independent blogger of chiropterological equipment Al Milano from the USA, who is probably the only person in the world who had practically all the detectors ever produced in his hands. Review is available HERE
, and interview with Al MIlano (by Neill Middletone from batability.co.uk) in which detector LunaBat DFR-1 PRO was one of  “Top 4 detectors” can be viewed HERE or by clicking on picture below:

Due to health reasons, there is a break in activity until May 13th. New orders will be processed from May 14th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Our company is still operating normally in 2021.
The new miniature broadband field recorder for passive monitoring is in production and will be ready for purchase by the end of May 2021. More information soon.

International shipments are sent only from Poland, international road transport operates normally, shipments are delivered without problems.
Possible service notifications for international air shipments are available here: UPS,  TNT and FedEx

New version of mobile full spectrum recording bat detector LunaBat DFR-1 PRO available for ordering. Translation of the polish site will be available soon.

Break due to training until February 18. New orders will be shipped after February 20. We apologize for inconveniences.

New firmware version for LunaBat DFR-1 (ready for download from DOWNLOAD tabs on subsites of detectors).

New LunaBat DFR-1 PRO version of our Full-Spectrum recording bat detector LunaBat DFR-1 (subsite in translation, currently in polish lang. only)

Our site is now GDPR compliant. Our newPrivacy Policy is HERE.

Our site has now SSL certificate and all transferred data are secure.

Our site
 lunabat.com is changed to animalsoundlabs.pl.
Old lunabat.com
domain is still maintained and all earlier links should now redirect to animalsoundlabs.pl. In case of problems with automatic redirection of old links (containing the old name of the domain lunabat.com in the address), you can manually change the begin of the link “lunabat.com/…” to: “animalsoundlabs.pl/…

New product in our offer: LunaDAC-1 – broadband infra- and ultrasonic 2-channel high resolution USB-DAC interface

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English version of AnimalSoundLabs.pl site is in the final stage of translation.

In the mean time – site is translated in the most part and ready for preview. Some pages are in polish language temporarily.

You can go to our Products page or other pages on the upper menu tab.


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