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      LunaBat DFD-1


      Ultrasound bat detector with Frequency-Division type detection (SKU#101, SKU#102, SKU#103, SKU#104, SKU#105)



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      Easy-to-use, small and lightweight ultrasonic broadband detector with frequency-division detection with original amplitude retention function. It allows listening and recording (on an external recorder) the entire ultrasonic range from about 15kHz to over 140kHz, so there is no need for frequency tunning (e.g. heterodyne-type detectors), or manual/automatic starting of recording (e.g. Time-Expansion-type detectors). the ME-3 or ME-4 microphone. dfd1_fr1            dfd1_top



      Now 3 year warranty!


      Thanks to high reliability and simple use, the detectors work steadily for several years!


      Characteristics of the detector:
      • Replaceable microphones for easy upgrade/service/change directivity and frequency response in the field
      • Linear Amplitude Retention System for better signal dynamic and flight identification
      • Very low noise level (SNR>57dB)
      • High quality industrial grade, waterproof (IP-67) microphone connector for stable and long lasting work of microphone without disruptions caused by  the operation under field conditions
      • High quality proffessional grade nickel/gold-plated line-out and headphones connectors meeting the requirements of the IEEE and ANSI standards for good contact and compliance sized sockets with international standards
      • Line-level output of the FD-detected signal (channel L) for recording on audio recorders along with High Frequency unchanged signal (channel R) for direct High Frequency recording on HF external recorders
      • Headphone output with high output level for using even with low sensitivity headphones
      • Optional microphone extension cables 
      • Rubberized side edges to ensure a good grip even when wearing gloves
      • Firm wrist strap
      • Socket with “photographic” 1/4” thread for tripod mounting or for convenient connection with external recorder
      • Lightweight – 125g (without battery and microphone), ca. 150g with batteries and ME-series microphone
      • LED indicator “PWR OK” (lights up in green if the battery voltage is high enough for proper operation of the detector and safe for accumulators)
      • LED indicator “SIGNAL” (lights up in red when the detector detects a significant level of ultrasound)
      • Very low power consumption for long and uninterrupted operation (from 24 to more than 100 hours, depending on the listening sound volume and the type of power supply)
      • A variety of power supply options tailored to individual needs the ability to power: battery or accumulator 9V / 6F22“, optional: with one or two batteries or rechargeable AA cells or 3.6V Lithium-ion type 14500″ (size AA) for a long operation at even lower temperatures

      In case of need to use the usual AA / R-6 cells (primary or rechargeable batteries) with detectors powered by a 9V battery or 8.4V Ni-MH accumulators – these detectors can be equipped with an internal high efficiency and low noise DC-DC converter. Also the voltage level for LED “POWER OK” indicator is changed, corresponding to the level of safe rechargeable battery discharge (1.0V / cell).

      Since the beginning of 2012 year the DC-DC converter is a standard feature in all LunaBat detectors sold in bioacoustic monitoring kits Luna-MINI-2 and Luna-BASIC2. Now also in Luna-MINI-3 and Luna-MINI-4 kits.

      Comparison with the popular products from other manufacturers

      The following accessories are available for the detector:
      • mobile digital recorder Zoom H1 v2
      • Mobile digital recorder Tascam DR-05 v2
      • Short 17cm UM-1 handle / rail with screws with photo thread (1/4 “UNC-20) for connection to DVR (or other photo accessories with tripod thread)
      • Short (9-15cm, depending on recorder type) signal cable with 2 * 3.5mm mini-jack angular plugs (for convenient connection to the recorder mounted on the UM-1 rail)
      • 1m signal cable with 2 * 3.5mm mini-jack angular plugs for connection to the recorder or other equipment
      • 1,5m signal cable with 2 * 3.5mm mini-jack angular plugs for connection to the recorder or other equipment
      • Interchangeable ultrasonic microphones: ME-1, ME-3, ME-4 (and ME-5 – available soon)
      • 50cm-3m Microphone extender cables with IP40 / IP65 connectors (waterproof female connector on the microphone side) – cable length on request
      • Acoustically transparent windshield MF-1
      • ET-3 weatherproof protective case with accessory pockets, strap holder and shoulder strap
      • Set of 4 Low Self Discharge rechargeable AA batteries with plastic box (Panasonic Eneloop, Fujitsu White or Varta Ready-2-use) – standard capacity ~1900mAh
      • Set of 4 Low Self Discharge rechargeable AA high capacity batteries with plastic box (Panasonic Eneloop Pro, Fujitsu Black or Varta Ready-2-use) – higher capacity ~2500mAh
      • Four-channel charger for AA / R6 and AAA / R3 rechargeable batteries Everactive NC-1000 Plus with capacity testing, refresh and other useful functions
      • Headphones with mini-jack stereo plug
      • Suction cup holder with tripod thread
      • Tripods – various types after prior arrangement.

      Kit LUNA MINI 3 (SKU#205) and LUNA MINI 4 (SKU#206)

      The kits include all necessary components in the field to enable active ultrasonic monitoring. The kit includes:

      Kit Luna MINI 3 with Zoom H1 (SKU#205) digital recorder

      • Ultrasound bat detector LunaBat DFD-1
      • Interchangeable ultrasonic microphone ME-4
      • Acoustically transparent windshield MF-1 for microphone
      • Mobile digital recorder Zoom H1 V2 (SKU # 205, pictured) or Tascam DR-05 v2 (SKU # 206)
      • 16GB microSDHC memory card with microSD-SD adapter
      • Short signal cable, to connect the detector with a recorder mounted on an UM-1 rail
      • Detector powered from 2*AA/R6 rechargeable or primary batteries
      • 4 AA / R6 NiMH batteries in LSD technology for detector and recorder + box / case (capacity ~1900mAh)
      • Universal rail / handle UM-1 for mechanical connection the detector with a recorder
      • Weatherproof protective pouch ET-4 with accessory pockets, strap holder and shoulder strap
      • User manual

      NOTE: Detector on the photo does not have a wrist strap/handle mounted on the enclosure – the handle is fitted as standard in the lower left corner of the enclosure (on request can be mounted in the lower right corner).


      The additional 2GB microSD memory card (not shown in the picture) comes with a number of useful programs for processing and analyzing recordings. You can also find the programs in the Download tab (in the main bar at the top of the page). Compared to the previous Luna-MINI-2 kit, the kit includes a newer ME-4 ultrasonic microphone and an enlarged and stiffer ET-4 pouch/case that allows storage and transport of the detector connected to the recorder without disconnecting the mechanical and electrical connection. The kit can be supplied with one of the two recorders: Zoom H1 v2 (as LUNA MINI 3, SKU#205) or with Tascam DR-05 v2 (as LUNA MINI 4, SKU#206). Descriptions of both recorders are available on separate pages: Zoom H1 and Tascam DR-05 (click on the names).

      Detector connected with Zoom H1 recorder

      Kit Luna MINI 3 in ET-4 pouch

      The kit can be modified after consultation (please contact).

      Kit price in the above configuration:

      Kit Luna MINI 3 (SKU#205) or MINI 4 (SKU#206)
      375 EUR
      (without VAT, with VAT=461,25 EUR)


      Detector was also available in kits with Zoom H1 recorder and accessories:


      Luna Mini 2 Kit


      Luna Basic 2 Kit






      And in kit with broadband digital recorder Korg MR-2 with accessories as a kit:



      There are also possible some additional  modifications of LunaBat DFD1 detectors:

      adding the voltage converter and changing safe discharge level indication for powering from 2xAA

      – modification of internal HF-signal preamplifier optimized for frequency response and reduced sensitivity of the input of Korg MR-2 recorders.

      – mounting the detector module in MPA-3 parabolic microphone


      • Manual for LunaBat® DFD-1 detector (v. 1.5 ) ENG language ………………………………..………….……………………… (available soon)
      • Manual for LunaBat® DFD-1 detector (v. 1.42 ) PL language ……………………………………………………. (PDF, 760 kB) DOWNLOAD>>

      Programs for processing and analysis of recordings made on external digital recorders can be found in the Download section (tab in the menu at the top of the page) in the Programs tab.



      Prices with ME-3 microphone, other accessories and kits are in ACCESSORIES and KITS tabs, prices are HERE.